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November Newsletter

11/5/18 It's Raining Leaves

October Newsletter

10/29/18 Pacific Team Meets For Strategic Planning

10/22/18 We Are Well Equipped For Leaf Removal

10/19/18 Team Attends National Conference

10/8/18 Fall Is Here, Priorities Are Changing

10/1/18 Summer Fades, Winter Is Near

September Newsletter

9/24/18 Summer Flowers Peak, But Pansies Coming Soon

9/19/18 Please Give Us Feedback

9/10/18 Water Costs Skyrocket

9/4/18 Where Lawn Shouldn't Be

August Newsletter

8/28/18 Hot Weather Increases Water Costs

8/20/18 Tired Landscapes Made New Again

8/13/18 Pacific Hosts National Landscape Event

8/8/18 NALP Field Trip to PLM

8/7/18 Irrigation Conservation vs. Dry Spots

July Newsletter

7/30/18 Where Lawn Should Not Be

7/23/18 Improving Irriation Efficiency

7/18/18 Lawn&Landscape - Clear Vision, Marty Grunder about PLM

7/17/18 NALP Day On The Hill

7/17/18 Planning For Record Heat This Week

7/16/18 Total Landscape Care - NALP Renewal & Remembrance

7/16/18 - NALP Renewal & Remembrance

7/10/18 Helping You Manage Your Landscape Asset

7/2/18 Minimum Wage/Low Unemployment Drive Up Wages

June Newsletter

6/30/18 Expect High Spring Water Bills

6/21/18 Celebrate Pollinator Week

6/19/18 Pacific Certified For VPWQF Management

6/12/18 Pacific Named Best Green

6/4/18 Creative Summer Color

May Newsletter

5/30/18 Pacific Hosts 5 Interns this Summer

5/21/18 Aeration Improves Irrigation Efficiency

5/14/18 We Love Trees...But Hate Roots

5/8/18 Spring = 67 Degrees Tomorrow, Then 90 Degrees Sunday

5/1/18 Pansies Bloom, Summer Flowers Soon

April Newsletter

4/24/18 Record Heat Signals Changing Season

4/19/18 CORRECTION: We Recommend Re-Barkdusting Every Other Year

4/17/18 Barkdust Recommended Biannually

4/9/18 Wet Spring Complicates Our Activity

4/2/18 Thank You For Supporting H2B Visa Program

March Newsletter

3/20/18 Spring Arrives Today and We're Ready

3/12/18 Pacific Again Voted One Of Oregon's Best

3/5/18 Mowing Is Our Priority, Weather Permitting

February Newsletter

2/27/18 Is It Winter Or Spring

2/12/18 To Mow Or Not To Mow

2/6/18 A Tale Of Two Winters

January Newsletter

1/30/18 Mild Weather Good For Pansies

1/22/18 We Love Trees, But Are Tired Of Leaves

1/16/18 Please Approve Standard Enhanced Services

1/8/18 Winter Work Pays Off All Season

1/5/18 Bob Finishes Term As Hillsboro Chamber Chair

1/2/18 Planning To Make 2018 Great

December Newsletter

12/26/17 Glad For The Opportunity To Serve

12/21/17 Winter Is Here, Is Snow & Ice Near?

12/18/17 Dry December Good and Bad

12/11/17 Dry Weather Allowing Mowing

12/4/17 Will We Have Snow This Winter?

November Newsletter

11/29/17 Lawn&Landscape - 11 Keys to Outstanding Customer Service

11/27/17 Delayed Leaf Drop Extends Clean-Up

11/21/17 Thanksgiving for Your Feedback

11/15/17 Going To the Next Level

11/7/17 Please Write Congress To Support H2B

October Newsletter

10/31/17 Leaves Are Falling, Removal Priority

10/24/17 What's In My Truck: Bob Grover, Pacific Landscape Management

10/24/17 Remember Last Winter, Plan For This Year

10/17/17 Landscape Management - Case Study: Happy, Healthy Employees

10/17/17 We Are Well Equipped For Leaf Removal

10/6/17 Lawns Dry under Trees

10/2/17 Fall Is Here, Priorities Are Changing

September Newsletter

9/28/17 Last Reminder To Fill Out Our Survey

9/26/17 Remember Last Winter, Plan for This Year

9/22/17 Did You Get Our Survey?

9/20/17 Our Annual Customer Survey Is Coming Soon

9/12/17 Record Summer Heat To Fade Into Fall

9/5/17 Take 2 Minutes To Support H2B

August Newsletter

8/29/17 Dry Summer Continues Into Fall

8/24/17 Where Lawn Should Not Be

8/10/17 - Turf Magazine Digital - I Am A Landscaper: Bob Grover

8/7/17 Oregon Business - Landscaping Firm Uses H-2B Visas To Fill 'Entire Seasonal Workforce'

8/7/17 Heat Wave Continues, Water Use High

8/1/17 Planning For Record Heat This Week