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Clients & Testimonials

When asked on our annual survey “What do you like about working with Pacific Landscape Management?” our clients responded:




“I don’t have to worry about the landscaping. I trust that things will get done and if a problem arises, I will be notified.”

Bev Boyd, The Management Trust - Northwest

“I very much appreciate the level of service from the Manager. As a property manager, I am able to trust that the job is getting done, done well, and on budget. The fact that the vendor is local is also a huge plus!”

Rhonda McCrary, Langley Investment Properties Inc.

“In a day where a manager is doing more and more, it’s great knowing that Pacific has your back. I appreciate the communication and going the extra mile, letting the manager know what’s going on at a property before finding it themselves.”

Teri Wallace, Colliers International

“Our landscape area always looks great - PLM is efficient, professional, knowledgeable technicians and reps.”

Rick Van Beveren, Reedville Crossing

“I appreciate the communication and creativity that the staff at PLM provides. I am also in awe of the crews and their dedication to their product.”

Patty Kellar, CB Richard Ellis

“I would recommend PLM because they are] very thorough, quality, service and friendly staff.”

Kathy Balducci, Dynic

“PLM’s customer service, innovation and attention to sustainability is some of the best in the industry.”

Becky Yarger, Norris, Beggs & Simpson

“I would recommend PLM because of their quality of work and quality of crews performing the tasks.”

Jeff Brown, Kidder Mathews

“I recommend PLM to everyone needing landscaping.”

Mike Greeninger, Wyse Investment Services Company

“PLM is a very professional landscaping firm and they always exceed our expectations with their proactive approach to landscape management.”

Geoff Haas, KG Investment Management, LLC

“Absolutely without a doubt I would recommend PLM before any other landscaping company. Their creativity in problem solving and commitment to customer service far exceeds my expectations, which is wonderful!”

Kathi Pearce, Wyse Investment Services Company

“PLM knows their stuff and can help problem solve with options when cost may be a factor.”

James Kleinke, Portland General Electric

“Very sharp people and quality.”

Laura Barry, KG Investment Management

“PLM’s team is very responsive, listens to our needs and provides cost effective solutions with prompt turn-around times. Working in Hillsboro, almost daily, I am witness to the incredible attention to detail and hard work PLM’s team conducts not only at our property, but the surrounding properties.”

Susan Gray, Kidder Mathews

“Excellent communication. Management seems “in touch” with actual prevailing conditions at customer’s site. Management demonstrates ability to follow through on commitments.”

Craig Stewart, Linear Technology

"Erik is awesome to work with. He is always responsive and gives the impression that he truly cares about his projects.”

Lisa Campbell, Community Management Inc.

"Response time is great, phone calls and emails are always answered quickly! Quality is excellent, our property always looks green and lush.”

Kimberly Dietz, RPM Services

“PLM is responsive, thorough and professional - from the work crews to the office staff.”

Linda Stelzenmueller, Three Oaks Development

“I work with both Mike Rice and Josh Weismiller and I applaud them both for their response time and follow thru.”

Mara Davis, BPM HOA Management

“I like the quality of the work and the fact that there is an accountability for the project, a real ownership.”

Alix Brevig, Kidder Mathews

“I really appreciate the suggestions for enhancements and quick communication about irrigation repairs!”

Traci McCauley, Norris, Beggs & Simpson

“I like PLM’s hands on approach. Their client care is top notch.”

Laurie Watts, Wyse Investment Services Company

“PLM has great customer service and sustainability ideas tailored to each property.”

Nutan Engels, Norris, Beggs & Simpson

"I like Ron’s response to problems and crews professionalism while working on site.”

Dan Tapella, PacTrust

“I appreciate the professional approach. Workers show up looking like a team and perform like one while on my property. They are polite, mark the areas they are working on and clean up after themselves prior to leaving work areas.”

Allison Smith

“I feel that Chris understands my goals. He is very easy to work with and he listens well. I appreciate his knowledge.”

Karey Harrison, Behringer Harvard Residential

“Brian has been great to work with over the years and always seems to come up with just what we need to keep our landscape looking good.”

Jodee Dodson, First Tech Credit Union

“Great crew, everybody is very knowledgeable. Bids are done in a timely manner. Managers are pro-active in resolving problems.”

Caroline Karl, C & R Real Estate

“I appreciate the professionalism of the PLM team and not having to chase to get work done. Overall, PLM is a great vendor to work with.”

Warren Larson, Synopsys

“Good customer service, works are respectful of employees cars and people walking by.”

Kim O’Malley, Tokai Carbon

“Dependable to do what they say they will do. Good value!”

Mike Hinsch, Lattice Semiconductor

“PLM is very responsive and knowledgeable. I feel like they work as a team with the board and the management company.”

Megan Weigel, BPM HOA Management

“I like the great people. You can’t beat the service. Hands down.”

Lauren Alkire, Wyse Investment Services Company

“Excellent overall value. I have confidence in PLM’s expertise and good judgment exercised when managing our landscape.”

John Nearman, Sage Software

“I like that the crew is able to work and do a good job unsupervised.”

Steve Smith, Acumed

“I like the responsiveness of the whole team, very quick to react. Ron is very good about getting right on things that I have requested, next day at least most of the time it's same day! Very good communication and relationship with Ron, he is a very good manager.”

Mitch McCathron, Masonic Grand Lodge

“Josh Weismiller has come up with some great ideas and solutions for enhancement and troublesome areas in the landscaping. He is very proactive with his communication, always keeping me in the loop.”

Bre Courtright, CB Richard Ellis

“Chris Weaver is fantastic to work with, every time I have a need for something, he is more than willing to help me accomplish the projects.”

Matt Entrikin, Sweet Tomatoes