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Low Emission Equipment

Propane Mowers Reducing Our Greenhouse Gas Emissions

As another step in our sustainable journey, we have upgraded our riding mowing fleet to the new propane powered John Deere with Mulch on Demand (MOD) mower decks. We tested out these revolutionary mowers in 2012 with tremendous success and have replaced our six riders.

We are reducing the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions by 48% compared to the previous gas powered mowers In addition, we are reducing our fuel costs as propane is cheaper than unleaded.  In addition, the revolutionary new MOD deck allow our operators to vary the mulch setting throughout the day.  In wetter thicker conditions, they will set to mulch less and bag more then during dryer and thinner conditions, mulch more and bag less.  In our demo last year, we were able to reduce clipping removal by over 60% vs normal mowing.  The more efficient and variable mulching helps us reduce disposal while allowing us to return nutrients back into the lawn. 

These new mowers were a significant investment but we believe they will also improve our efficiency and reduce our disposal costs, providing good ROI.  Sustainable initiatives need to be economically sustainable and we believe this is a great example. 


STIHL Low Exhaust Equipment

After doing extensive research we learned that the emission levels of different models of outdoor power equipment vary widely and found that STIHL is the market leader in low emission equipment. In 2008, we replaced our entire small engine fleet with STIHL equipment that produces low exhaust emissions. The result was an overall reduction of our annual emissions by over 18,000 pounds of hydrocarbons, which is the equivalent of taking 630 cars off the road. The equipment also burns fuel more efficiently, so the fuel savings have us an ROI of two years on the equipment conversion. STIHL article on our Sustainable Practices