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Weather Based Irrigation

Quality landscaping is reliant on irrigation to maintain health and vigor. Although a healthy landscape has a profoundly positive impact on the environment, meeting the irrigation requirements is also taxing on the precious water resources or our region. To complicate matters, the Northwest is actually one of the driest regions of the country during the summer despite our rainy reputation. Healthy landscapes need irrigation to survive here in the Northwest.


Irrigation technology has dramatically improved over the past 20 years with better sprinklers and more sophisticated controllers. This sophisticated technology is now available on a smaller scale at an affordable price.

Most irrigation manufacturers have developed irrigation controllers that adjust automatically daily based on weather. These controllers receive data through a pager signal from a local weather station. As weather can fluctuate significantly on a daily basis, these automatic adjustments have shown to save 20-40% over standard manually programmed controllers. Most installations have a 2 year or less ROI.

ET Manager Diagram