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When asked on our annual survey “What do you like about working with Pacific Landscape Management?", our clients responded:

Absolutely without a doubt I would recommend PLM before any other landscaping company. Their creativity in problem solving and commitment to customer service far exceeds my expectations, which is wonderful!

— Kathi Pearce, American Property Management

Pacific is very well known for excellent quality of service. The property that Pacific currently services for me is always aesthetically pleasing and well maintained.

— Monique Clouser, Colliers International

My Account Manager is thoughtful, responsive, honest and just plain great. I know that we (well, especially me) can be challenging and difficult as times. He's never ruffled just listens and arrives at a way to help us accomplish what we need to do.

— Michael Johnson, Felton Properties

Thank you so much for taking such good care of our properties. Being a small, family owned company we take a lot of pride in our business parks. We can tell that Pacific Landscape has that same pride in the properties they maintain.

— Katherine Coussens, Pacific NW Properties

I just wanted you to know what a great job Josh and his crew are doing. Not only do they do their job, they also tell me about little things like this broken sign that I didn't see. That's what I call integrated service! I know these properties are a lot of work and things/weather/plants are constantly changing so please recognize your team for always working so hard to keep things looking great!

— Patty Harvey, Harsch Investment Properties

Communications are incredibly prompt, and my area manager always provides the best recommendations for the best interests of the community.

— Kayleigh Farris, The Management Trust

Our landscapers have the most critical impact on the investment properties and its performance, and their actions from greeting tenants to voluntarily picking up garbage, while it may seem insignificant, is a reflection of great dedication and pride in the care of the property. They take ownership of their work and of the portfolio, and I feel this is their great strength.

— Thuy Doan, Jones Lang LaSalle

I couldn't be more pleased to be working with Pacific Landscape. We are so fortunate to have such great partners to help us operate and maintain Parkside. We have made great strides together and I am confident that the best projects together are yet to come.

— Lisa Rummel, Harsch Investment Properties

Fantastic generosity from upper management and organization leaders, and excellent and responsive crew, and good follow through on commitments.

— Molli Mitchell, Ronald McDonald House Charities

I have been truly impressed working with your group. Thank you for your communication and timely responses. It makes my life so much easier, thanks!

— Chelsea Gobel, Colliers International

Working with Hector and Ron, they are always willing to work around our academic schedules and make special allowances for some of our applications/people on campus. Very responsive and follow through.

— Cindy Schuppert, Pacific University

I hear more from the team than any other provider- they are like a second eyes and ears on the portfolios. The team cares about the properties and about making my life easier and I appreciate that.

— Teri Wallace, Colliers International

I just met with the owners of Baylor and Atlanta to review landscaping proposals. These owners are very hands-on and take a lot of pride in their properties. They told me that the property always looks good and your crew do a good job. The buildings always look good and it is a vast improvement over the prior company. I know you and your staff really strive to make not just these buildings, but all of my other properties look good and wanted to say thanks to everybody for helping to make my job a little bit easier.

— Caroline Karl, C&R Real Estate Services

I have appreciated the professionalism exhibited by Pacific Landscape Management after they became our landscape provider. Each of the people I met with PLM have been very conscientious about their job and have been good customer service representatives.

— Alan Strong, Waterhouse HOA

Thank your crew for taking pride in their work, it's very much appreciated.

— Darcie Seal, Bluestone & Hockley Realty Inc.