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Snow & Ice

Snow and ice services are a critical part of protecting your property and making your business accessible during the winter months. We deliver commercial service 24 hours a day when needed. We'll help to make sure your business is cleared and as safe as possible. And we don't leave until the job is done. Contact our friendly staff and learn more about our snow and ice removal services. We're professionals with years of experience and a reputation for reliability.

Parking Lot Liquid Deicer Pre-Treatment

This is a service that occurs the night before when ice conditions are forecast and is designed to protect customers from black ice and heavy frost that can coat parking lots making them slippery. This does not replace the need for plowing or sanding once snow or freezing rain falls as the deicer is quickly diluted or covered up. This is for those marginal but, often dangerous conditions. Most cities and counties are performing this service on the public roadways and we have begun to offer it too. We highly encourage customers to sign up for parking lot plowing and sanding service in addition.

Parking Lot Sanding

During most snow events, plowing is usually un-necessary as less than 3" is difficult to plow. Sanding is the most effective way to make parking lots as safe as possible for cars. Pre-treatment with deicer is only effective with light ice or snow events and will be covered with snow or freezing rain. Sanding is also recommended after plowing as the plowing will not remove all snow and the remaining thin layer of snow is often quite slippery. Post-storm gravel removal is an extra charge.

Parking Lot Plowing

When a storm drops over 3" of snow, plowing is recommended. Under these conditions, pre-treating and sanding alone are not effective as parking lots can become unpassable without the snow being plowed and even piled up. We plow with truck mounted plows and also use loaders and backhoes as they are often needed to facilitate collecting snow into piles to clear the most area possible. Large storms can take several days to clear.

Sidewalk Shoveling & Deicing

When snow or ice occurs, we will shovel to remove as much snow or ice as possible then treat remaining frozen precipitation with granular deicer. Shoveling and deicer application will improve pedestrian safety but while temperatures remain below freezing, ice or slip free conditions are impossible to maintain. Daytime thawing and refreezing can also occur, recreating ice without additional precipitation. Thawing and freezing can also cause damage to concrete.