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Company Initiatives & Certificates

We have re-engineered our services and company to reduce our impact on the environment.

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Water Conservation

One of the largest returns on investment opportunities in commercial landscaping today.

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Ecological Lawns & Alternatives

Enhance a site's sustainability and reduce maintenance costs.

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Rain Gardens & Bioswales

Our team is experienced with the installation, maintenance, and renovation of these features.

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Green Roofs

Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of Green Roofs and their required maintenance.

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Low Emission & Battery-Operated Equipment

We continue to make investments in new equipment.

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Lawn Conversion

PLM is pioneering lawn conversion techniques and options for northwest landscapes.

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Our Facilities

Our sustainable mission extends to our facilities and how operate our business in our everyday life.

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For over a decade, our sustainable initiatives have been committed to continually re-engineering our procedures and service offerings in order to help our customers lower the negative impact maintenance operations on their properties while enhancing the ecological value and benefit of the landscape environment. Landscaping is the most inherently sustainable part of commercial and residential development, but the maintenance required to keep it healthy and attractive does include some negative environmental impacts. We created our own service offering, Sustainable Landscape Solutions, over a decade ago with the goal of leading the industry in finding the appropriate balance to fulfill our customer's sustainable objectives.