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Landscape Renovation

In addition to the maintenance services we provide, we do a significant amount of landscape renovation and enhancement work. Occasionally, these projects are quite large and make a significant impact. Even with proper care, a landscape can become dated and tired. Working with property managers and owners, we have designed and installed many renovation projects around monument signs, building entries, and other highly visible locations. The resulting impact has been significant and helped many properties look fresh and new again.

Landscape Design Services

We have on staff three degree holding Landscape Designers to assist our team in developing creative and functional landscape designs to help our customers renovate, update, and make their properties more functional and sustainable.

Wetlands Restoration/Creation

If your project impacts a wetlands area or if you want to create one to add natural habitat to your property, we can help design or restore it. We have extensive specialized training in wetlands designs.


With all the rain we get in our area, drainage is frequently a problem. We have installed drainage at many properties solving wet areas and protecting buildings and other structures.


Pavers and keystone retaining walls can be an inexpensive alternative to concrete and flatwork. Our technicians have extensive experience in all forms of pavers and wall systems.

Weather Based Irrigation

Irrigation technology has dramatically improved over the past 20 years with better sprinklers, drip irrigation and more sophisticated controllers.


We are now offering several lines of ecology seed mixes that were created to reduce maintenance and resource utilization. Although not necessarily appropriate for all locations, these mixtures can enhance a site's sustainability and reduce long term maintenance costs.


Our goal is to inspire customers to consider rain gardens at their properties, so together we can help to alleviate the local storm water problems. In addition, we are trying to demonstrate that a rain garden can be an attractive element to a landscape instead of an eyesore.

Long Range Plans

A creative planting plan can make a tremendous difference in the visual appeal of your property over many years. We take into account your outdoor needs, your building design and the local seasonal changes in order to craft a plan that's right for you.