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Green Roofs

Portland is one of the leaders in numbers of green roofs and Pacific Landscape Management has developed expertise in installing and maintaining this new technology. Green Roofs have many benefits, including:

  • Reducing stormwater discharge by 70-90% during the summer and 20-40% during the winter.
  • Reducing heating and cooling expenses by up to 25%.
  • Extending roof life by more than double.
  • Reducing urban "Heat Island" cooling our city during the hot summers.
  • 20 square feet of Green Roof produces enough oxygen for one person.
  • Portland offers financial incentives for green roof installation.

Although Green Roofs have many benefits, they do require monitoring and maintenance. Due to our dry summers, irrigation is required for establishment and ongoing to maintain a roofs health. As with many other landscape elements, maintenance is necessary to ensure the desired plant palate survives. Many of the Green Roofs that we have seen have failed due to the lack of understanding of these maintenance needs. Few companies have the experience and expertise with Green Roofs that we have, and many other landscaping companies are not capable in maintaining them correctly.