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Environmental Weed Control

Weed control is one of the most challenging and controversial pieces of landscape maintenance. In the northwest, we have tremendous growing conditions for all plants, both desirable and undesirable. To maintain an attractive healthy landscape, you are also inviting weeds into this wonderful environment. We work diligently to reduce our use of herbicides through cultural practices including maintaining an adequate mulch layer. We do apply low toxic pre-emergent products to prevent weeds from growing and keep sites clean. We use the lowest toxic products at the lowest rate and use them sparingly to limit the potential impact to the environment. We have adopted a use of only those chemicals on the low impact chemical list from the state of Oregon. These are the chemicals that are allowed to be used in and around school grounds and we feel that this is a prudent method to ensure that we're protecting the communities in which we work in and around by using only those low toxic products. We also train and certify all of our applicators to ensure that they understand their use and safety when making treatments.