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Leaf Control

Fall color is often a joy to observe but for us it signals one of the busiest times of our year. Leaf removal consumes most of our efforts from the middle of October through early December. While leaves are beautiful as they change color on the trees, few people like them once they fall off. During the early part of the leaf drop, we concentrate on removal of major accumulations. Once they are all down, we do a more thorough cleanup.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

We have equipped ourselves with state-of-the-art leaf removal equipment, including a variety of blowers, as well as 20 truck mounted vacuums. We can pick up a lot of leaves very quickly. Nobody in the Portland area is better equipped to manage leaf removal.

To aid in your property's leaf control, we recommend increased parking lot sweeping for you or are very willing to work with your existing sweeper as this coordination works well for both vendors and you, the customer.

Leaf Recycling

During the fall, we will pick up over 8,000 cubic yards of leaves, that is over 800 of our trucks full of leaves or the equivalent of a football field covered with 4 feet of leaves. That is a lot of leaves, but it is all recycled and composted into garden mulch for reuse. Some have asked if we do this ourselves, but we don't. We instead utilize several existing composting businesses in the area as this is the most cost-effective method and they are better set up to do this, their core business.