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Water Conservation Plans

Although Oregon has a reputation as a rainy state, our summers are drier than most of the rest of the country, outside of the desert southwest. In addition, despite the plentiful amount of natural water in the area, our region's concern over ecological impacts have significantly limited the development of new municipal water sources and driven the cost of water up significantly faster than any other utility. Although water rates vary depending on the water district you reside in, most rates have doubled over the last 5 to 6 years. Water rates are projected to double again over the next decade.

Due to its cost increase, water conservation is not only the ecologically right thing to do, it is one of the largest returns on investment opportunities in commercial landscaping today. We are constantly evaluating and experimenting with new water conservation technologies and products and have developed cost effective programs to help our customers save water. In addition, as with any other piece of real estate asset, irrigation systems and components have a life cycle; failing and becoming obsolete over time.

We have developed a water conservation plan program that we promote to all of our customers in order to complete a thorough evaluation of their site and irrigation system to make the appropriate modifications to the landscaping irrigation system in order to reduce water usage and save operational dollars. These include replacement of obsolete and failing components, converting to drip irrigation and newer technology, adopting weather-based irrigation, and including lawn conversion where lawn is impractical to effectively water, regardless of the delivery system.